The story of Zen Native: How did we get here and what’s next?

2019   The idea to create Zen Native was born at the end of 2019. Our co-founder Eero saw a teary-eyed woman enter the first CBD store in Estonia at the time. She came and hugged the seller, which is not a typical thing for an Estonian to do. “She was so moved by how much CBD oil had helped her husband,” Eero recalls seeing her pure gratitude.”This kind of reaction could only occur when someone feels like a product has saved their life!” After taking a closer look and trying out different CBD oils, Eero didn’t understand why they had to taste so bad. In collaboration with European experts and local chemists, the first Zen Native CBD oil was born. It was the predecessor of the oil we now know as Crystal Serum – a pleasant oil without a strong flavor or color.   Beginning of 2020   “After a lot of research and sourcing different components, I tested the new oil on myself for a few weeks. I found the right dosing and was sure it worked. Then, COVID-19 turned life upside down for everyone, which for me resulted in anxiety and trouble falling asleep. CBD oil helped me successfully overcome these troubles without side effects,” recalled Eero. He also noticed that the positive effects prolonged even after he stopped taking the oil. “My own experience was so great that I started recommending oils to acquaintances with similar problems. It quickly became apparent that CBD oil supports the human body, both internally and externally, and is invaluable for treating different physiological and mental concerns.    Summer of 2020   When the first wave of the coronavirus showed signs of relief in the summer, there was an opportunity to open a brick and mortar Zen Native CBD store. It was combined with a space to hang out and the first seeds of inspiration for the CBD Spa were planted. “Zen Native is a lifestyle, and needs both a physical shop and its own services!” – this all sounded good on paper but initially suffered a severe setback. Due to difficult times and an overly ambitious plan, the venture quickly came to a standstill, and in August, when the new wave of COVID dawned, the Zen Native Old Town location was closed before it had a chance to flourish properly.   August 2020    However, as we all know, bad things happen for a reason. These setbacks brought Eero together with Zen Native’s co-founder Henri. Although Eero and Henri knew each other before, CBD oil gave them a reason to reconnect. “We both realized what a big positive effect CBD has and how much it can benefit people. That’s why we started developing Zen Native together,” remembers Eero.  Zen Native’s laboratory and production were set up, a new vision was developed, and they started working on bringing these new ambitions to life together.    November 2020    Eero recalls: “On November 1, 2020, we introduced a new product line, and opened a Zen Native flagship store that also offers beauty services and CBD massage therapies.” You can test and purchase CBD products in the store, enjoy exhilarating CBD massages and beauty services, and consult an on-site expert.   December 2021   Two long years have passed, paved with making a lot of friends and learning important lessons. “We are working hard to evolve cannabis cultivation in Estonia and constantly develop new products and services to support our customers’ best health and lifestyle choices.”   2022   By 2022, the ambitions are even bigger for Zen Native – to be there for more and more people. Our goal is to provide peace and balance in this fast-paced, chaotic and stressful world. We want to bring people back to their center and offer them the tools to reconnect.
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