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Therapeutic services

MER Deep Tissue Massage

30 / 60 / 90 min    30 / 45 / 60 €

CNT Detox massage

60 / 90min    49 / 69 €

Thanatotherapy / Transition therapy

60 / 90min    49 / 69 €

Facial treatment with hand massage

60min    45 €

Optional CBD hemp massage oil +9€

MER Deep Tissue Massage

30/60/90min  30/45/60€

MER is an oriental technique that releases muscle and deep tissue tension. It is performed using a deep, meditatively slow and smooth touch. This technique is extremely enjoyable, deeply relaxing and emotionally liberating.

Be sure to ask for CBD oil as well, as it also releases deeper emotional and physical tensions.

The intensity of the massage is tailored to the clients wishes, problem areas and the chosen length of time.

Thanatotherapy / Transition therapy

60/90min  49/69€

Thanatotherapy is a type of body-oriented psychotherapy that covers four basic human psychological problems: excessive control over consciousness (head), sense of contact (chest,
hands, neck), sexual relations (groin), support (legs).

Thanatotherapy models the proper, natural dying (transition) process. It is based on the characteristics of the body of a person who has died naturally (complete relaxation, suspension of control of consciousness, objectivity of the body, so-called “biological breathing”, etc.).

In the process, solutions to complex emotional problems are also often found, because in this way our logical mind rests and unconscious processes get the right to speak.

Every thanatotherapy appointment is a complex work with the body, but in the course of it, solutions are often found for many emotional problems as well.

Abdominal massage CNT

60/90min  49/69€

Chi Nei Tsang is a therapeutic detoxifying and tension-relieving therapeutic massage based on the five elements of Chinese medicine.

CNT is performed using the meridian pathways in the abdomen to liberate free flow of energy throughout the whole body. During session, the client is guided and given a corresponding sound for each zone, which is uttered while taking deep breaths.

Such cooperation results in strong changes that last for hours after the procedure is over.


Not eating 2 hours before, menstruation, IUD, at least half a year has passed since abdominal surgery.

Facial treatment with hand massage

60min  45€

7-step facial treatment with hand massage is a wonderfully enjoyable treatment experience.

The treatment consists of cleansing, facial massage, energy ritual, toning, mask and moisturizing.

While the face mask is being absorbed, you will experience a wonderful hand massage, which, by the way, also relaxes both the neck and face muscles.

Of course, the procedure also includes skin-soothing and rejuvenating CBD.

What customers say about us

A selection of massages

MER Massaaž

Strength: medium

MER is a muscle and deep tissue tension relieving massage.

MER offers wonderful physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, especially for sedentary people with problems with back, neck, shoulder and sacrum pain.

They are often associated with headaches, chin and face aches.

What does MER mean? MER – Myofascial Energetic Release. myo = muscle + fascia = tissue + energy + release.

The fast pace of life needs urgent relief. Depending on the client’s preference, this may include the hands, feet, face or any other ailing area.

Express massage is performed using MER massage techniques.

MER is performed using a deep, meditatively slow and smooth touch. This technique is deeply relaxing and emotionally liberating.

Depending on the tensions found, the therapist may not be able to cover the whole body in the time booked. During the process, the therapist will also consult you about further out-of-salon activities required and, if necessary, prescribe a massage treatment.

Do not eat immediately before the massage.

CNT Detox Massage

Strength: strong

The wisdom of CNT, or Chi Nei Tsang, originated with monks in monasteries in the Taoist monasteries and was first brought to the Thai people by Mantak Chia, a renowned Taoist and master of Qi Gong.

CNT is a therapeutic detoxifying and de-stressing healing massage based on the five elements of Chinese medicine.

CNT is performed using deep points in the abdomen.

The navel is the intersection of meridians in the body. Therefore, if there are tension points and blockages in the navel area, or abdomen, the free flow of energy is blocked throughout the body. Chi Nei Tsang massage therefore focuses mainly on the abdominal area, based on the zonal map of the abdomen and the organs located there.

During the massage, the therapist works in collaboration with the client, transmitting the appropriate sound for each different zone, which the client utters while exhaling deep breaths. In this way, the vibration generated by the pronunciation is transmitted to the corresponding zone and helps to release physical and energetic tension patterns.

Contraindications: tumours, pregnancy, menstruation, diarrhoea, hypertension, thrombosis, spiral.

It is not recommended to eat 2 hours before the massage.

At least 1 year must have passed since the abdominal operation.

Transition therapy

Strength: gentle

Transitional therapy has grown out of tanatotherapy and is a therapy of deep relaxation of body and mind.

Transitional Therapy uses techniques of minimum complexity and maximum effectiveness that allow the release of self-healing energy reserves through the achievement of total relaxation.

In transition therapy, we often find solutions to complex psychological as well as physical problems.

The aim is to relieve tension in muscles that we cannot relax ourselves by thought alone. These are the deep muscles, regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

Achieving relaxation in the deep muscles will calm our central nervous system and consciousness and heal our body and mind.

The name therapy comes from the fact that deep relaxation is experienced at the moment of death, but using certain techniques it is possible to use the body’s own deep relaxation skills during life, while still doing so safely and gently. The therapy achieves a state of mind-body separation.

No contraindications.

Beauty therapy

A wonderful CBD facial with hand massage.

It’s more than a series of cosmetic procedures for facial skin care. Through the points on your face, you release the tension that has built up there, and releasing it gives you a new look.

It consists of a multi-step cleansing, massage, energy ritual, toning, mask and hydration. Did you know that hand massage also helps to relax the facial muscles?

Packages and prices


30 minutit protseduur
1,27 €/min
  • 30 minutes session
  • Express MER
  • Rest area


60 minutes procedure
0,92 €/min
  • 60 minutes session
  • MER / CNT
  • Rest area

Total Zen

90 minutes session
0,78 €/min
  • 90 minutes session
  • MER / CNT / Ü-therapy
  • Rest area

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