Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is the difference between black and white bottles? Which should I choose?

Most of the people have got more help from the black bottle.
It’s more natural. It’s stronger. It’s why we are famous. It has all the plant can offer. Since Full Spectrum oil also contains other cannabinoids besides CBD such as THC, CBC, CBN and CBG, hence the name Full Spectrum, this wonderful combination is what makes this oil so effective.

2) Why white then?

White is pure crystalized CBD.
It’s sometimes better for daytime use. For some sensitive people who get drowsy or dizzy with Full Spectrum. For some who cannot take the smell and taste of Full Spectrum. Some cancer treatment patients. Crystal CBD oil is pretty much tasteless. And for top athletes who have to take WADA tests, because WADA only allows CBD, not any other cannabinoids. Also for some countries to travel with. (Not suggested to travel outside EU with any CBD oil if not sure if allowed.)

3) What is the suitable concentration for me?

5% Full Spectrum is mainly for pets or children. Yes, It’s safe for pets and children 1 yo+ and works as well for them.

15% Full Spectrum is suitable for those with milder deficiencies in the area of mild sleep disorders and anxiety.

30% Full Spectrum is most effective in every way. Suitable for those with the most serious health problems, daily sleep and anxiety disorders, for recovery or relief after a serious illness. 30% Full Spectrum comes in even cheaper per CBD concentration and can last for the recommended 1 month course of treatment.

Bottles are the same size, 10ml and include at least 200 drops that you divide into a month.

4) How many drops should I take?

It’s optimal to start with this formula:

30% – 1 drop per 20 kg body mass
15% – 1 drop per 10 kg body mass
5% – 1 drop per 3.5 kg body mass

These are optimal amounts and can be repeated if no effect. Suggested maximums are 10x higher. Though more CBD does not necessarily mean it works better, it can just be a waste. Try to find an optimal lowest dose for your body and metabolism.

5) What is the feedback from other customers?

The feedback is exceptionally good. We have wonderful healing stories and it helps everyone at least a little bit. It is a 100% natural product that cannot harm you. But it is highly likely that it offers huge relief to x-problem. One person’s good healing story can help many others who are similarly looking for relief so here everyone can be helpful and share their stories.

6) Is it addictive?

No, not at all! It’s not a psychoactive cannabis, thus it’s not addictive.

7) How long should I take it?

It is good to start with a 1-3 month course and then a break for 1-2 months and if necessary to repeat the course or to stop the break.

8) How fast will it work?

There are short-term and long-term benefits.
It depends on your system and how sensitive you are. In the short-term it often decreases fears and confusions. Improves sleep and supports your immune system. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Good for the nervous system (sedative effect). And it is good for joint and muscle aches.
The effect can occur within 5 to 30 minutes. Depends on the moment of use, e.g. whether it is evening or morning and about your overall mood. If the effect is not noticeable, it is recommended to repeat the use.
Confirmation of long-term benefits, for more serious health problems, 2 – 6 weeks to have changes at the cellular level.

9) When should I take it?

It’s best to take CBD oil 30 minutes before bed. Put some drops under the tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing.
To reduce daily anxiety or other daytime problems, it’s necessary to add a morning and/or daytime takings to your CBD routine. If morning / daytime use of Full Spectrum makes you feel uncomfortably drowsy or dizzy for daytime activities, then switch to the white bottle, the Crystal CBD Oil but keep taking Full Spectrum in the evening. If some headaches or stronger insomnia occurs, also to add Hemp Tea with Full Spectrum. Take the drops, make the tea, drink the tea, rest and heal 😉


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